Tesco Finest Festive Pastry Tarts, 6 Pack

Tesco have released these recently; how do I know? I’ve been pastry pie hunting for well over a month now and know when a new product is introduced. Tesco don’t even have a photograph of these on their website… although in my research for this blog, that is not uncommon!

This product data is from their website:

2 Brandy Flavoured Buttercream Tarts.
All butter pastry cases filled with mincemeat and topped with brandy flavoured buttercream.

2 Almond Flavoured Frangipane Tarts.
All butter pastry cases filled with mincemeat and almond flavoured sponge with a sweet dusting and almond topping

2 Pecan and Maple Flavour Tarts.
All butter pastry cases filled with a fruit, nut and maple flavour filling, topped with sugar, pecans and almonds.

So you know what to look for, they are in the same style of packaging as their other finest pies.

These are fantastic. The pecan and maple pies have a delicious crunch to them, as well as a rich sweetness with the maple.The frangipane tarts were delicious, the ratio was spot on with the mincemeat to sponge. These ranked the lowest out of the three but still worth  a taste.  The best for me was the buttercream tarts, which were a more decadent version of a full on pastry mince pie. The buttercream wasn’t sickly, but a lovely, soft addition which went down really easily.

£3.00 for six pies is quite steep, but I really did enjoy eating all six in one sitting. I don’t advise you do this, however. I am struggling to eat these pies so that you don’t struggle to find the perfect one!

9/10 – not a 10 because of the price. Even £2.50 would have helped.

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