Thick Blue Cheese Dip

Presently, my go-to fast/bad food choice is between a burger or the tiny morsels of magic – chicken wings from 7Bone. Other food estsablishments exist, but I just keep going back there. Wings pip the burgers right now, or i’ll have both.

Whether coated in a zesty, lightly spicy sauce containing cayenne pepper which makes your nose run and your face orange, or something deep and smoky such as a sticky barbecue sauce containing whiskey, wings are incredibly versatile and very easy to eat.

For those of you who dont enjoy eating meat off the bone, I am sorry that this is the case. Go for the burger instead, or use the blue cheese on anything you want!

I will name the products I use, unlike many videos i’ve watched who claim to have the best Blue cheese dip, yet miss out completely the name of the blue cheese they are even using! How does that help when you’re trying to follow a recipe? I am also yet to find a ready made blue cheese sauce/ dip that isn’t overpowering with vinegar.

For my Blue cheese dip, you can use either of the following:

  • 1/3 of A 220g block of Stilton or Shropshire blue to give you a Chunkier dip with a classic rounded flavour
  • 1/3 of A 150g block of St Agur or a pot of their Crème de Saint Agur for a smoother dip but a more intense blue cheese experience

both dips call for cheese at room temperature, three heaped tablespoons of full fat mayonnaise, a twist of pepper and that is all. I believe the savoury aspect of this dip really complements a sweet barbecue sauce and definitely takes the zing out of a cayenne pepper sauce (you know the sauce I mean, right?) which is why I don’t use any apple cider vineger or lemon juice.

Montagnolo will provide a creamy, mild cheese dip as will Castello blue, however a you may find yourself using the entire pack. Is that really a bad thing?

Once you have incorporated the ingredients with a fork, your wings should be ready.

Dip away.

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