Thick Blue Cheese Dip

Presently, my go-to fast/bad food choice is between a burger or the tiny morsels of magic – chicken wings from 7Bone. Other food estsablishments exist, but I just keep going back there. Wings pip the burgers right now, or i’ll have both. Whether coated in a zesty, lightly spicy sauce containing cayenne pepper which makes your nose run and your face orange, or … More Thick Blue Cheese Dip

Tesco Finest Festive Pastry Tarts, 6 Pack

Tesco have released these recently; how do I know? I’ve been pastry pie hunting for well over a month now and know when a new product is introduced. Tesco don’t even have a photograph of these on their website… although in my research for this blog, that is not uncommon! This product data is from their website: 2 Brandy … More Tesco Finest Festive Pastry Tarts, 6 Pack